4 Things We Love About Spring Skiing

Posted on March 09, 2017

Red River Ski Area received a fresh layer of powder just in time for the spring ski season, one of our busier times of the year. Here's why you should plan to get here during March to wrap up the ski season:

1. Beautiful Weather
Every day is a bluebird day! Okay, maybe not all, but more days in March have sunny, clear skies than the winter months. You can feel free to ditch some of your bulkier layers and opt for lighter ones like tee shirts and tank tops. Even bikini tops start to make appearances. Another plus, drier roads means safer access to the ski areas. No need to worry about chains and 4-wheel drive.

2. Great Snow Conditions
Warmer temperatures during the day and lower temps in the evenings can really affect the snow on the slopes, but in a really great way. You'll find plenty of corduroy as well as Hero Snow: A condition of soft slushy snowpack most common in spring skiing. The snow provides an excellent base for turning making anyone (even nubes) feel like "heros" while banging out turns. Also causes wet clothes after falls which can lead to wet wallets ruined phones and cold skin. (Urban Dictionary)

3. Sweet Events
As the temps warm up, the vibe starts to chill as Spring Break hits the mountain. During Beach Weeks, March 4-19, tank tops and hula skirts are encouraged. There will be Scavenger Hunts, Rail Jams and Torchlight Parades all month. Don't miss the Pond Skimming to close out the season. For a full schedule of what's happening visit redriverskiarea.com

4. Tan lines
Goggles can make a lasting impressions this time of year, so don't forget the sunscreen!

Hero Snow
This term is based more on subjective opinion, rather than specific physical characteristics of the snow. Hero snow is simply easy to ski, so you can "look like a hero" even with flaws in technique. For most skiers, this translates into forgiving soft snow that's not too deep with a solid base underneath for making turns.