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What We Offer!

Half day (Morning or afternoon) 4 hours of guided fishing. 1 person - $250.00, 2 people - $300.00, 3 people - $350.00, 4 people - $600.00.(price resets with 4 people, additional guide needed)

3/4 Day Trip (Morning) 6 hours of guided fishing. 1 person - $350.00, 2 people - $400.00, 3 people - $450.00, 4 people - $800.00

The Evening Hatch - 2 hour trip on local waters with one of our guides. ( Up to 3 people) 1 person - $150.00, 2 people - $200.00, 3 people - $250.00.

Private Waters- Regular 1/2 day or 3/4 guided trip rate + $75.00 rod fee

Our guides has been guiding for 5+ years in the area and have great experience on the water. They will provide excellent service and are great teachers for beginners and can offer seasoned fishermen a great experience and prime locations for fishing. Depending on what is fishing well at the time, you might fish the Red, Costilla, Rio Grande or Cimarron rivers. As well as Eagle Nest Lake, and we do offer a private high mountain lake with some trophy sized Rainbow Trout. You will enjoy catching mostly Rainbow, Brown, Brook and Cutthroat Trout.

We can accommodate up to 3 people per trip with one guide. For trips with more than 3 people we would need to add another guide. We take all ages and are very family oriented but understand that very young kids can take up more of your guides time.

Requests will be noted but it is ultimately up to the guide where you will be fishing depending on what is going in the area at that time.

 You will be following in your own car to where you will be fishing up to 1 hour of driving one way depending on location.

You will need a fishing license in order to fish in the state, luckily can pick that up at our shop! The guide WILL reach out to you the night before to coordinate details of your trip.

                                                       We Supply                                                   We Don't Supply
                                             *         Fly Rods                                               *         Sunglasses
                                             *         Flies                                                      *         A hat
                                             *         Indicators                                            *         Sunscreen
                                             *         Waders                                                *         Fishing License

Come have some fun with us, check below to see what we get into!